Who are Friends for the Future?

Friends for the Future are supporters who have included the American Friends Service Committee in their long-term plans through gifts in their wills, trusts, retirement plans, life income gifts, or other arrangements. They are deeply committed to the future of AFSC, and we are grateful for this extraordinary partnership.

How your gift makes an impact:

From our beginning over one hundred years ago, our most committed donors have helped to ensure the future of our work through their generosity. Planned gifts have allowed us to develop some of our most meaningful and important programs, responding in ways that are often well ahead of mainstream opinion but consistent with our Quaker values. From securing the release of interned Japanese Americans during WWII, providing draft counseling to conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War, and organizing to help end apartheid in South Africa, AFSC frequently takes principled stands.

Today, donors who wish to deepen their commitment to AFSC continue this tradition of courageous service by making some of their most impactful contributions with planned gifts.

Benefits of membership

As a Friend for the Future, you will receive special reports featuring updates on AFSC’s worldwide work. You will also be invited to phone calls where you can hear directly from AFSC staff about current efforts. More importantly, you can feel assured that your legacy will help make a just, peaceful, and sustainable world a reality.

We want to hear from you

If you have included AFSC in your long-term planning, please let us know. This will both help us understand and fulfil your wishes and allow us to count and celebrate your commitment as part of the fundraising that ensures we can accomplish our ambitious goals.

Please know that gifts of all sizes are valued and important. Any information you share is completely confidential, and all requests for anonymity will be honored.

Your planning will help promote peace, justice, and human dignity for future generations. Thank you for your commitment to our shared values!