A legacy of service and giving continues

Thanks to parents immersed in racial justice work, Martha Mattus’ heart for giving kept growing

Martha Mattus

Martha Mattus’ parents were unwavering in their racial justice work in Virginia, and in turn, she has continued the family legacy of altruistic activism and long supported AFSC.

Martha Mattus’ parents’ commitment to social justice and civic engagement shaped her life. Throughout the years, she has invested much of her time in service to others and prioritized philanthropic giving. “My mother was of the mindset that you should make the world a better place,” Martha reflects.

Her folks were founding members of the Virginia Council on Human Relations and helped integrate public schools in their county. While in high school in Blacksburg, Virginia, Martha became involved in racial and social justice activities.

Volunteering and helping others are still important to Martha today. She has followed in her father’s footsteps as a lifelong blood donor with the Red Cross. She also volunteers with Meals on Wheels and her homeowners’ association where she now lives in Oregon.

Martha’s first connection to AFSC came through her parents, whose best friends were Quaker. Her appreciation for Quaker values deepened when she taught theater at Swarthmore College. Since then, Martha has supported AFSC for decades. She appreciates AFSC’s work at the local, national, and international level.

Martha spent part of her career in theater management. That’s how she met her husband, Bill, who shared her core values and was “the best thing that ever happened in my life.”

Later, Martha became an accountant and self-taught bookkeeper. After Bill died in 2019, that background influenced her charitable giving. She owned appreciated stock that would create a large tax bill. “I thought, why not do some good with the money?” says Martha.

She set up three gift annuities with AFSC, which now provide lifetime income for herself and two siblings. The gifts were a win-win-win for Martha. They helped save taxes, created an income stream, and supported AFSC’s long-term work for peace and justice.

Martha has also included AFSC as a beneficiary of her retirement plans, which she knows are highly taxed. Her other assets will go to individuals, while the value of the retirement plans support AFSC’s work.

“What I love about AFSC is that is it one of the most inclusive organizations I’m aware of,” Martha says. “It rejects the thinking of ‘us and them’ in favor of ‘it’s all of us.’ When it comes to the challenges we face today, we’re all in this together.”

Please consider joining Martha and becoming a Friend for the Future. You too can enjoy the security of guaranteed future income, and ensure that AFSC can continue protecting families, strengthening communities, and bettering the world, just like her. Contact Alyssa Chatten at 888-588-2372 or GiftPlanning@afsc.org to learn more.