Two unbreakable bonds: Couple invests in each other and AFSC

Gaylan and David Corbin

Gaylan and David Corbin

Gaylan and David Corbin

Gaylan and David Corbin's legacy of giving to AFSC spans 35-plus years and originated unexpectedly—through their marriage. "As midlife newlyweds in 1985," explains David, "we shared a passion for peace and justice."

Because the Texas couple was merging two fully equipped households, they didn't need material things. "We suggested to our wedding guests that if they wanted to give us a gift, supporting an organization like the AFSC would be ideal," says Gaylan.

"It's meaningful to us that AFSC goes wherever needed to do the critical work of building economic equity, promoting restorative justice, addressing migration issues, and peacebuilding," he says.

Gaylan is a retired archivist, while David enjoyed a career as a physics professor. Like many in this life stage, they considered how their financial needs might shift over the next decade and reexamined charitable giving.

They chose to make a series of flexible charitable gift annuities, which provides them with life income and complete flexibility in terms of when they're able to access it. "This option is a perfect fit for us," says Gaylan.

The Corbins are delighted with how their annuities increase their financial security, and that they don't have to sacrifice supporting the AFSC's transformative global work.

"We'll have what we need in the future," says David, "but our giving remains uninterrupted. That feels good."

Help further peace and justice with a gift that pays

You can create an impactful gift like the Corbins by establishing a gift that pays you income, known as a charitable gift annuity, at AFSC. Ensure that help and dignity are there for those in need by connecting with Alyssa Chatten at 888-588-2372 or