A tradition of giving

Frank and Julie Young

“You’re here in this world temporarily. It’s a short period of time. If there’s any responsibility we have, it’s to make the world a better place for the future.”

This is how Frank Young describes what inspires him to continue the tradition he started when he made his first gift to AFSC in honor of his bride-to-be, Julie Nevius. Sixty years later, AFSC has continued to be a beloved part of their story.

Julie grew up knowing AFSC through her parents, and Frank’s first encounter came after he joined the local Meeting in Princeton, New Jersey, as a teenager. They met during a work camp, and from the beginning, AFSC’s social justice work called out to them.

Julie soon began working for AFSC, assisting program staff and leadership in Philadelphia. “It was a joy to work there,” Julie recalls. “People at AFSC put their principles into action.” Although Julie’s service at AFSC was brief, she made lasting connections.

A legacy of service

In the summer of 1965, AFSC was placing high-school students from the South with host families in areas with greater educational opportunities. When the Youngs expressed interest, AFSC’s program was full, but they were connected to another program—and gained a daughter in the process, as the teenager they hosted became part of their family. When Frank began his teaching career, they moved to the Midwest. Today they have 5 children, 13 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

Even with a modest salary, the Youngs continued their philanthropy, and AFSC always received their largest charitable gift each year. Over the years, their giving has amplified their commitment to service, which includes leadership in their yearly and monthly Meetings and Friends General Conference as well as service on local and national boards and international volunteer activities.

Now that Frank and Julie are eligible to make qualified charitable distributions, they have shifted how they support AFSC. Frank reflects, “Being able to give qualified charitable distributions direct from our individual retirement accounts has enabled us to contribute more than we could have without this provision.”

“I would like to go out and feed the hungry and create world peace and make the planet environmentally healthy,” says Julie. “There’s no way I can do that. But I can give money to AFSC to help people who are doing those things.”

Create a better future

To learn more about how you can give from your IRA like Frank and Julie, contact Alyssa Chatten at 888-588-2372 or GiftPlanning@afsc.org.